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6 Fun New Year’s Eve Games for Kids

6 Fun New Year’s Eve Games for Kids

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Keep the kids awake for the ball drop with these fun games

Get creative with these festive and fun holiday games!

We all know it’s easy to entertain adults on New Year’s Eve: all it takes is booze, snacks, and some loud music. But it’s a different story for the little ones, especially when they are trying to stay up until midnight for the first time.

Click here for 6 Fun New Year’s Eve Games for Kids (Slideshow)

Remember being a kid and waiting for the ball to drop, munching on leftover Christmas cookies, your head dipping as you try super hard to stay up, but falling asleep halfway through Dick Clark’s New Year's Rockin’ Eve anyway?

It seems easy to run out of things to do before the clock strikes midnight; there are only so many times kids can play the same action-packed video game before becoming restless. And kids have far too much energy and are far too excited about staying up for the celebration to sit through a movie they’ve watched thousands of times.

Instead of plopping them in front of the TV, try playing some fun kids' games as a solution. More interactive and creative games will engage children physically, mentally, and socially, so the grown-ups can have some fun, too.

All it takes is a little creativity with some New Year’s Eve crafts to can keep kids occupied and happy until the clock strikes midnight, like piecing together last year’s food memories and preparing for new ones to put in a time capsule. Super-hero parents can keep kids entertained with some competitive word games to get the brain moving during that winter break or even get them running in circles looking for dinging egg timers and chasing down items during an exciting scavenger hunt. For more ideas on what to play this New Year's Eve, check out the accompanying slideshow!

20 New Year’s Eve Crafts and Activities for Kids

Whether you prefer a more relaxed New Year’s Eve or you like to throw a big party, it’s always fun to celebrate in some sort of way, especially with the kids. Give them the biggest New Year’s celebration ever this year with some DIY!

For 2020, I’ve appropriately listed 20 of my favorite New Year’s Eve crafts for kids. Below you’ll find noisemakers, art projects, activities, and more ideas that will keep your kids entertained all night long!

1. DIY Confetti Poppers

2. Coloring Party Hats

This is a great New Year’s art project and it’s SO easy to prepare. Just grab the free printable from the full tutorial, print it out, and let the kids color away!

Get the full tutorial from Tots Schooling.

3. New Year’s Eve Wands

Get the kids together and send some magic into the New Year with these awesome wands! This craft is another easy printable craft so it will be quick to prepare.

Get the full tutorial from Projects With Kids.

4. Bubble Wands

Designed with toddlers in mind, these New Year’s bubble wands are similar to the wands above except they’re made from pipe cleaners and beads.

Get the full tutorial from Red Ted Art.

5. Countdown Chain

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve activity for the kids to take part in, this is one of my favorites. It includes different activities for the kids to take part in as the night goes on, like making resolutions, thinking of things they’re thankful for, and more!

Get the full tutorial from The OT Toolbox.

6. New Year’s Paper Plate

Although a bit more complex than the crafts above, this paper plate craft still shouldn’t be too much trouble to make. It will really allow your kid’s artistic side to shine as well!

Get the full tutorial from Hello Wonderful.

7. Paper Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are always fun, so why not make your own? You could get the kids to help you with these, and then you could hand them out during a New Year’s Eve party.

Get the full tutorial from Crayons and Cravings.

8. Photo Booth Props

You’ve GOT to take some photos as you usher in the New Year and what better way to spice things up than with some funny props? The kids can make these and customize them on their own for some hilarious pictures.

Get the full tutorial from DIY Candy.

9. New Year’s Eve Glasses

These are so cool! With just a few craft materials and some old sunglasses the kids can make all sorts of different looking pairs of New Year’s Eve shades. I love the firework type look!

Get the full tutorial from Handmade Charlotte.

10. Joke Teller

This is a bit of activity and craft mixed together. All you have to do is print out the joke teller, fold it together, and then you can entertain the kids with all the funny jokes!

Get the full tutorial from Bren Did.

11. Firework Painting

This is one of the best New Years art projects for toddlers and kids because it’s easy to set up and can keep them entertained for hours. They can make all sorts of different looking firework filled skies with just a handful of basic craft supplies!

Get the full tutorial from Messy Little Monster.

12. New Year’s Eve Slime

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like slime so this craft should be well received by all! It’s a bit of a fun science experiment too.

Get the full tutorial from Little Bins for Little Hands.

13. Party Poppers

These party poppers are similar to the confetti poppers above, but instead of using a balloon to propel the confetti into the air, these poppers just need to be ripped open!

Get the full tutorial from Happy Mothering.

14. Handprint Firework

If you love keepsake crafts, you’ve got to make one of these handprint fireworks. Such a great way to remember how small your child’s hand used to be.

Get the full tutorial from Glued to My Crafts Blog.

15. Noise Maker

Get the full tutorial from Natural Beach Living.

16. Fireworks Ring

Looking for some bling to go with your New Year’s glasses we showcased above? Make a few of these awesome fireworks rings!

Get the full tutorial from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

17. Blow Horns

Blow horns are another classic New Year’s Eve noisemaker, but they can be a bit boring looking. Luckily, it’s easy to improve them for cheap with a little bit of DIY magic!

Get the full tutorial from Love the Day.

18. Resolutions Game

Remember Mad Libs? The game where you create funny stories by filling in blanks randomly? Well, this resolutions game is just like that except it’s themed for New Years!

Get the full tutorial from The Idea Room.

19. Rice Noisemakers

More noisemakers! These ones are very easily made and work just like a pair of maracas.

Get the full tutorial from Glued to My Crafts Blog.

20. Mocktails

If you want to throw a New Year’s Eve party for your kids this year, including these kid’s mocktails is such a fun idea!

Get the full tutorial from The Crafting Chicks.

28 Best New Year's Eve Games to Celebrate 2021 in a Fun, Memorable Way

This year, you might not be planning to throw a New Year's Eve party in the same fashion as years past. But even if you&rsquore staying in for an at-home celebration to watch the New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square from your sofa, you&rsquoll still need your favorite New Year's Eve appetizers and New Year's Eve drinks. After you&rsquove figured out the &ldquoeat&rdquo and &ldquodrink&rdquo festivities for the evening, don&rsquot forget to plan for a &ldquobe merry&rdquo activity.

To get you in the spirit, we&rsquove rounded up the most entertaining New Year&rsquos Eve games that will fill your evening with some real (forced) family fun. Pick one (or several!) to play on New Year&rsquos Eve with friends, whether it&rsquos in person or virtually. Liven things up with some friendly competition (is there such a thing?) with boys vs. girls or parents vs. kids. From a disco ball piñata that doubles as the ideal post-midnight snack, to word search games and even creative, seasonally appropriate Mad Libs and other Happy New Year-themed printables, there's something here for adults and kids and every personality to enjoy.

Check out our list of the very best New Year's Eve games to play to ring in 2021. After all, watching the ball drop only takes a minute!

This set comes with everything you need for up to 18 to play Happy 2021 Bingo. With funny boxes like "hand sanitizer" and "toilet paper," it's sure to bring lots of laughs!

Host an old-fashioned poker tourney for a laid-back New Year's Eve get-together. We're betting 2021 will be better than the past year!

This New Year's Eve trivia game, set up like the popular television game show Jeopardy, includes categories like "Traditions," "January Celebrities," and "Resolutions," and even keeps score! You can customize your categories, questions, and answers to suit your crowd. Infamous "thinking music" is also included.

Take the classic White Elephant game and put a New Year's spin on it. Every gift should be aimed at a typical New Year's resolution, whether it's a spa gift card to practice more self-care or a vegetarian cookbook to eat less meat. The same rules of White Elephant apply!

Get the tutorial at Elfster.

2020 has been quite a doozy, so this game could get interesting! Have your guests reflect on some favorite memories, vacations, movies, and more from the past year. Drop these prompt cards into a bowl and have each person take turns picking one out.

Get the tutorial at Classy Clutter.

This easy, yet cute, game calls for speed in a race against the clock (think Minute To Win It style)! Get all your Hershey Kisses in the right cup before the countdown is over.

Get the tutorial at The Ideas Room.

Use your own Instagram posts from the past year and your guests' Instagram posts to create the cards for this DIY memory matching game. This activity is a great way to share memories over the past year of you and your guests while adding a competitive twist! (And a photo of this game being played will warrant a great New Year's Instagram caption.)

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


This is a great virtual game for those who want to celebrate together from different locations. Instead of playing the classic Two Truths and a Lie game, make it New Year's themed by swapping in resolutions. Have each guest share three resolutions, one of which is a lie. It's up to everyone else to figure out which resolution is the fib!

15 New Year's Eve Games That Will Make Spending the Holiday at Home So Much Fun

You'll have no problem staying up to watch the ball drop with these fun actitivies.

New Year's Eve may look a little different this year. You're likely hunkering down and spending the holiday at home, but that doesn't mean fun can't be had: Help enliven the night with some New Year's games and activities. Whether you want to elevate your social distance hang with some friends, or you're looking for ways to keep the kids entertained, we found the best NYE games and activities to try this year.

Most of these require little or no prep work, and most cost nothing to put together. But these are fun, festive, ice breaking, conversation starting &mdash and even supremely sentimental &mdash for people of all ages

This New Year's Eve activity requires zero prep &mdash and you can play from the comfort of home and on Zoom. Print out this colorful printable and gather some pencils for players to check off what they found on TV or in the house.

Who doesn't love a piñata? This one has a splashy disco ball look that's perfect for New Year's Eve. To make it, paper maché a 36-inch balloon, and cover it in fringe using holographic tape. Cut a little door in the side to fill with candy (or whatever you like), then close it up with tape after you fill it.

What's New Year's Eve without the bubbly? Turn your champagne into a party game by printing out prompts like: "Drink if you spent more than an hour getting ready," "Drink if you took more than one selfie already. " &mdash whatever customizations work for your small group. Pass around the cards and read them out loud. Everyone has to drink when they're guilty of whatever action someone reads.

Put a New Year's spin on the classic all-occasion game of charades. Come up with a list of major events, personalities, and pop culture moments from the past year. Write each on a scrap of paper and put them all into a hat for your crew to act out under pressure from a 60-second timer.

All you need to play this game is a single die, a bag of candy, and this free printable. Roll the die and grab or give up candies based on what number you land on &mdash plus, follow the prompt to reflect on the past year. It&rsquos a friendly competition as well as an exercise in gratitude.

This memory game is a great way to recall some of the year's happiest memories in photo form. It&rsquos also all-ages friendly &mdash and word free, so even preschoolers can play along without any reading required.

This New Year's game is super-easy to make: just print the cards, cut them out, and toss into a hat or bowl. Each person pulls a card and answers a conversation-starting and sometimes revealing question about the year &mdash like the biggest lesson learned or the happiest day. Then replace the card and move on to the next round.

How many words can you create from the letters in Happy New Year? This printable is fun, challenging, and educational for kids. As you go around, each person challenges the one on their right. (For example: "Find a word with two vowels.") Skip that person if they can't come up with an answer. The last player remaining is the winner.

Everyone remembers laughing over outrageous Mad Libs growing up. Update the idea and give it a holiday twist with these New Year's-themed free printables.

Get the kiddos in on the holiday fun with this New Year's printable word search. Just print as many as you need and let them seek and find 16 words and phrases related to the holiday.

This wishing wall makes for a reflective and fun New Year's activity for kids of all ages (and the grownups, too). Everyone writes (or draws) their wishes on bits of paper or sticky notes, displaying them proudly to welcome the new year.

Use the template to print out the foldable fortune teller, with holiday-theme prompts on the inside flaps.

For kids (or anyone) with a short-attention span, try a game with a 60-second time clock &mdash which also fits in nicely with the holiday's countdown theme. Fill a bowl with Tic Tacs and set another empty bowl next to it. Time each player as they try to move as many mints as they can into the empty bowl in 60 seconds . using only a pair of tweezers.

You won't need to prep a single thing for this party game: Each guest shares three resolutions with the crowd, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The others try to guess which is which. To add an extra element of competition, keep track of who guesses most correct answers, and award a prize. (A bottle of bubbly works nicely!)

Here's a game that requires almost no effort (or cost) to prep &mdash especially if you use this free printable. The idea is to spark conversation (and maybe even some controversy) with answers to prompts printed on cards: Best Song of the Year, Best Movie of the Year, Most Embarrassing Moment, Best Piece of Advice You Were Given This Year, and so on.

Family Friendly New Year&rsquos Eve Party Ideas for Kids!

Celebrating the new year is always a highlight in our house. A New Years Eve Party can be a wild fun time spent with family and friends or a quiet night at home snuggled up by a fire.

We have done New Year&rsquos Eve both ways and had a fantastic time. Since our kids love celebrating with a party, this year we will do just that. Kids love anything that makes noise, looks pretty, and tastes good, so throwing a party for them is easy.

Originally published on December 29, 2014 updated December 2020

40 Fun New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids

Enjoy these 40 New Year&rsquos Eve party ideas, games and fun recipes to keep kids entertained while watching the count down and waiting for the ball to drop. Happy New Year!

New Year&rsquos Eve Fun Food Ideas for Kids

Sweet and creative food will be a hit at a New Year&rsquos Eve Party with Kids. Get your sweet tooth ready because this will be a yummy night to remember!

  • Make your own cupcake bar with all kinds of fun toppings.
  • Fill jar with ring pops to &ldquoring in the new year&rdquo
  • Make a &ldquopop&rdquo drink with sparkling cider or with pop rocks and Sprite.
  • Make a Cotton Candy Magic Mocktail &ndash Just add Sprite to Cotton Candy!

Here are more recipes kids will enjoy on New Years Eve:

New Year&rsquos Eve Kids Activities and Games

It&rsquos not a New Year&rsquos Eve party without some fun kid friendly activities. We hope these ideas will help get your party on!

  • Hang a mirror ball up and get a dance party started! We found one at Ikea that is super cute.
  • Having a karaoke contest is sure to be a hit for guests of all ages!
  • All girls LOVE to sparkle, so set up a &ldquosalon&rdquo where the can glam up for the night. Include glitter nail polish, glitter eye shadow, glitter lip gloss, and glitter hair spray!
  • If you have a lot of really young kids who can&rsquot make it to midnight, just grab a clock and change the time to 12:00 am and rock out any time of the night! They will never know the difference.
  • Have all the kids write down their favorite memory of the year. Then put them in a &ldquomemory jar&rdquo and read them right before the hats go on and the horns start to blow. You could even make a game out of it and guess who wrote what memory!

More Fun Kids Activities to Try on New Year&rsquos Eve

Whatever you do just have fun and celebrate! Here are some more great activities to help you enjoy the night with kids.

Brain Games For Kids

Here are some brain games for kids that we highly recommend.

1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a game that requires you to fill in a puzzle with numbers that are missing. The trick is that a number can only be one in each quadrant, row and column of the puzzle.

The great thing about Sudoku is that it&rsquos convenient. Your child can play on a tablet or cellphone with the app or online game, they can even use the printable puzzles.

It&rsquos a great activity that the kids could do during study period or when they finish there class work early and have spare time. The best part is that it&rsquos challenging, but in a fun way by working out the brain.

2. Color Code Breaking Games

The aim of these brain games are for kids to figure out the accurate color and placement of the dots in the sequence. The game starts by your kid having to guess the location and colors of the dots randomly.

After each guess, your child gets a clue to reveal how many dots are the right color and how many are in the right place. With this information, the player can then come up with a new guess getting them closer to the right sequence.

There are a few different versions of the board game and it&rsquos available as an online application as well.

3. Combination Lock Puzzle

This game requires your kid to guess the number using the clues that give hints. Your child can improve and reinforce mathematical reasoning by playing Combination Lock Puzzle.

This game is an online application, so access to it would be easy. The clues about the number in a combination lead to your kid unlocking the lock.

There are hundreds of puzzles available at multiple levels and there are extra clues given to ensure your kid&rsquos success. If your kid is younger, you can modify the clues so that it&rsquos easier for them.

4. Verbal Venn

This is a verbal game which involves an imaginary Venn diagram. The one player would choose two contrasting objects, while the other player would try to find a characteristic which would link the two objects then the word would go in the middle of the Venn diagram.

For instance, if the two contrasting objects are oven and magazine, the characteristic which would like the two objects would be cookbooks (things in the kitchen that you read).

5. Memory

This is a classic memory game for kids that will teach them to concentrate and focus in order to match up pairs of cards. The great thing about the Memory game is that it&rsquos an online application and it can be played on a tablet or phone.

You can use my printable forehead game cards to play memory. Just print out two sets of the cards.

6. Apple Tree

Apple Tree is a more kid-friendly version of the old and traditional favorite, Hangman. With Apple Tree, one person has to think of a word and then they have to draw dashes along a paper so that it can represent each letter of the word they thought of. Then, above the dashes, a tree needs to be drawn with seven apples.

The other person would then have to guess one letter each time, if the letter they guessed is in the word, the person that drew the dashes needs to fill in the blank spaces. However, the other person can only win if they guess all the letters in the word before the seven apples are filled.

7. SET Game

The SET Game has cards which display three different shapes and symbols. The shapes are of different amounts on each card, and the colors and shadings also vary.

Then three sets of cards are made in accordance with the given criteria. The game&rsquos instructions are then given.

It&rsquos a bit challenging at first, but it gets easier once you get the hang of the game. The SET Game makes your brain sharp.

8. Human Thesaurus

The way the Human Thesaurus game works is that the players choose a word and then they have to think of as many synonyms as they can.

A timer can be used to see who came up with the most synonyms in a certain time period, or the synonyms can be written down to see who comes up with the most amount of synonyms.

It&rsquos a great way to get the kids to think on the spot and expand their vocabulary knowledge.

9. Kanoodle

Kanoodle is a great game for the kids who would go on to become engineers or mathematicians. The game has clues for two and three dimensional puzzles and it can be arranged in over 200 ways.

This game makes the kids use their critical thinking and spatial reasoning- the plus side is that the puzzle is portable, so the kids can take it with them on their family vacation.

The Junior Edition is available for the younger kids aged four to seven.

10. Blue Block

The focus of this brain game is to move the blue block out of a small opening. The trick is to move the blue block by changing the position of the blocks that are on the screen.

Blue Block starts out easy but it gets harder as you progress through the levels.

Try some of the games above with your kids to see which ones they like best. Hopefully, you&rsquoll discover some fun new activities they truly enjoy!

Aren&rsquot there New Year&rsquos Eve food traditions?

You might be wondering which of these New Year&rsquos Eve foods are for good luck or are traditional to eat each year. But you&rsquore actually thinking of New Year&rsquos Day foods, which are often centered around both tradition and superstition.

When it comes to New Year&rsquos Eve food, no one has imposed any particular rules &ndash so feel free to cook up whatever sounds tastiest to you from the list above! (And by the way, you can do that on New Year&rsquos Day, too, if you don&rsquot like the traditional foods. I promise nothing bad will happen.)

Who will you be sharing your New Year&rsquos Eve food with this year? What recipes do you plan on trying? I think I&rsquoll be making the crab rangoon dip and countdown cupcakes for my family. Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Be sure to check out my list of New Year resolution ideas, as well as some great New Year quotes to post on your social media in the morning!

Make every occasion amazing.

Enter your name and email below to get more great holiday ideas from Bright Color Mom!

New Year&rsquos Eve Party Ideas for Kids

To set the stage for a fun New Years&rsquo Eve Party theme for the kids. Here are some simple yet fun DIY New Years Eve Party Hats and favors from The 36th Ave Blog.

Newly updated from 2015 check out our fun Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

Get the kids involved and have them make these adorable Paper Plate Shakers for New Years.

Make cookies and milk dessert toasts special with this fun idea from Sweet Little Peanut.

Have some kid friendly snacks as well. how about a sundae bar, who doesn&rsquot like ice cream?

How cute are these New Years Eve Confetti cookies. Layered sugar cookies with a fun surprise.

The kids will think they are getting a special treat with these bubbly New Years Kid Friendly Drinks.

Play Kid Friendly Games for New Years Eve

Even though Christmas is over, your kids will have fun playing many of these Holiday games with their friends on New Years. You can easily adapt to fit the holidays.

New Years Eve Photo Booth Idea

Have a designated time to have a photo booth at your party. Here is a website that lists some super fun New Years&rsquo Eve Printable Photo Booth Props.

Don&rsquot let the kids get bored, that could make it a disaster for parents. Grab some great New Years Eve Party ideas for kids on this website.

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Love these ideas.. there are more fun family New Year’s Eve party ideas at Celebration Ideas Online at Free printable New Year’s Bingo and Holiday Trivia games.. great ideas for family fun at your New Year’s Eve celebration, including activities and family entertainment.

LOVE these ideas! We’re having relatives over, ages range from 2-45. I think these will definitely help us have lots of F.U.N.!

Let’s try these games out for New Year’s Eve! What fun!

Speaking of treasure hunts, our family likes using Riddle Me software which is super easy to use. You just select an age and your options and print out the clues and tape them up and the hunt is ready to go. My kids love it.

So fun! Have a great New Year!

I am so playing some of these games tonight at my party. Thanks for the fun ideas!

My family and I did a time capsule 10 years ago, when my children were 12 and 6. Tomorrow night we are getting together to open it. I can’t wait to see what we had put in it.

Great ideas!! I love this site and can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us in 2011!! You girls rock. Blessing to all of you and your families.

Awesome ideas! It’s just so darn hard to think of things yourself – hurray for “How Does She” and their awesome lists and ideas! Woo!

I’m going to try this tomorrow night at the party I am throwing!
Thanks for always having such fun ideas!

Thanks for the amazing ideas. You bring mode fun to our family gathering this New Year’s

i will going to play this game 31st night in the party

I love these party ideas .I will try few for new year eve.

You guys should make your own fun facts! Instead of using other websites, use your brain that God gave you to make ideas with!

Oh we always post our original content on our blog, on almost a daily basis. This is just a fun round up of other ideas so we can have them at an easy to access place, sort of like pinterest. Thanks for being here!

15+ New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids

Play BINGO – this printable includes 10 Bingo cards and 30 calling cards.

Make some glittery gold slime on New Year’s Eve!

3. Fireworks in a Jar – this is a fun science experiment for kids to do on New Year’s Eve!

4. New Year’s Resolution Printable – click here to print your printable. There are 2 worksheets to choose from.

5. Make Salt Painted Fireworks – you can do these on black paper with different colors too!

6. Make a Paper Plate Noise Maker Craft.

This Paper Plate noise maker craft is so easy to make and looks so pretty and fun! Your kids can not only help make them, but it will give them something to shake for the countdown!

This is a another really fun craft idea. Make this fun clock you can hang on the wall and change the time. Make a game out of it and have something fun to do at each new hour!

Have kids POP each balloon as the time passes. You can hide games or activity ideas in each balloon too. This also doubles as a really fun decoration or center piece in the room for a New Year’s Eve party.

These cupcake toppers are so cute! Earlier in the day you can bake cupcakes and then have the kids help decorate them for your dinner party or evening activities.

10. Play Games. Why not play a game of kids charades or pie in the face? The kids will love these games and they will surely make it a New Year’s night to remember!

11. Minute to Win It Games – Play some New Year’s Minute to Win It Games.

And if you’d like to play a simple game, print off our free Would You Rather Questions for Kids cards. Get over 100 cards you can turn into a fun New Year’s Eve game!

This is a fun sensory bottle for kids of all ages to play with! We love the fun confetti and the kids can shake it along with the DIY shakers to ring in the New Year!

13. Throw a glow in the dark dance party using glow sticks and New Years LED glasses!

Kids love glow sticks and this would be a really fun way to ring in the New Year. Turn the lights off, keep the TV on with the countdown and put on some music.

14. Make your own Confetti Poppers. These DIY confetti poppers look like so much fun to make!

15. Build a snow fort, go ice skating, watch your local fireworks or watch some kid New Years movies like this Winnie the Pooh movie.

16. Count down early with the kids – YouTube and Netflix have countdowns for kids. Choose one and pretend to count down the New Year at an earlier time for the kids!

We hope you have fun with these activities and have a Happy New Year!

If you need more indoor activity ideas for kids – see our list of over 100+ indoor activities for kids!

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