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Chicken liver paste and greens

Chicken liver paste and greens

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Method of preparation

The chicken liver is boiled. After it has cooled a little, pass it with a fork and remove the skins and the separating veins. Pass with organic butter. It must have a creamy texture, be easy to spread on bread. Add greens (finely chopped garlic and parsley), salt and pepper. Pass it, after it has reached the desired consistency, put it in the fridge, where it will stay for a few hours.

Happy appetite and a happy Easter!

With love,

Stama Madalina.

Ingredients needed chicken liver and mushroom pate:

  • 500 g chicken liver
  • 100 gr. mushrooms (fresh or canned)
  • 100 gr. butter
  • 2 matching onions
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • patrunjel, marar
  • milk, 200 ml. chicken soup
  • milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, thyme and thyme

Wash and clean the skin of the skin. It is kept in milk for half an hour. Peel an onion and finely chop it. Do the same with the garlic. We put both to harden in half of the butter, respectively 50g. When they have softened, add the sliced ​​mushrooms.

Heat onions and mushrooms

Mix and in 5 minutes add the liver together with a small sprig of thyme. Let the liver harden for 5 minutes and add the chicken soup.

Boil covered over low heat until it decreases so that there is a little soup left (a few tablespoons). The liver should not crumble excessively but should remain fairly firm.

Put the soup and let it boil

Let it cool, recover the sprig of thyme and put everything in a bowl. Chop a few sprigs of dill and parsley and add them to the bowl along with the rest of the butter (50 gr.). Season with a pinch of freshly ground pepper and allspice as well as half a teaspoon of nutmeg.

Put everything in a blender with greens, butter and spices

Mix everything with the blender until you get the chicken pate paste. Add salt to taste. The paste should not be too thick because as it cools in the refrigerator it will harden even more. We can put the pate in smaller pots and pour melted butter over it. It is good to leave it in the fridge for an hour so that the flavors know each other and then we can eat. Chicken liver pate can be prepared in many variants, each having the opportunity to try various recipes and stop at the pate that eventually tickles it, as in the well-known advertisement, on the tongue but the important thing is that, no matter what recipe prepared, it will definitely be healthier than any pate made industrially.

Ingredients for Pancakes stuffed with chicken liver and cheese, Russian recipe

  • It took:
  • - Milk - 1 l
  • - Hot water - 200 ml
  • - Salt - 1 tbsp & # 539 & # 259
  • - Oil - 100 ml
  • - Eggs - 2
  • - Green onions - a few tails
  • - F & # 259in & # 259 - 600.
  • Filling:
  • - Chicken liver - 1kg
  • - Onions - 5
  • - Salt, pepper - to taste,
  • - Butter - 20 g
  • - Cheese - 50 g.

Preparation for Pancakes stuffed with chicken liver and cheese, Russian recipe

We make the pancakes

Liver filling

If you want, you can au gratin: put it in the pan, grate the cheese on top, put the pieces of butter and put them in the oven, on high heat, for 10 minutes.

The average grade given by the jury for this recipe is 9.50

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Pancakes stuffed with chicken liver and cheese, Russian recipe

About the jumari paste

Every year we make scallops and lard from pork bacon & # 8211 the recipe here. The halves are finely browned and the lard is white, fragrant and very tasty.

The tarinable jumari paste is made by grinding the jumari. It can be prepared be natural (only with scallops, salt, pepper and a minimal addition of lard), either with red onion or (rarely) with mustard. Generally do not put garlic or paprika (paprika) or cumin.

You can also make pasta from goose or duck mussels & # 8211 see here how they are done.

If you want to do one pasty paste then you will prepare the natural version or possibly the one with red onion. The onion or garlic variants are for immediate consumption because these vegetables increase the perishability of this scallop pasta.

If you want to have a scallop paste in the fridge that lasts longer (up to 2-3 months) then under no circumstances add onions or garlic because they leave water, oxidize and become indigestible. Pasta with onion or garlic is consumed in 1-2 days.

The color of the scallop paste is slightly orange from the scallops that have been browned correctly. If the scallops are colorless (whitish) then the paste will have an unappetizing, pale color. Some add a little paprika (paprika) for color (but generally do not put).

We always have in the fridge a jar with simple pasta of scallops (with salt and pepper). As a child, my father used to make us toast spread with it. A delight! Place thin slices of red onion on top.

From the quantities below it results approx. 350 g plain scallops or onion paste.

1. We start with the preparation of sesame paste: it doesn't take long at all and it's not complicated either!

Before moving on to posting the recipe, I have to tell you that I also made some raw tahini pasta some time ago, but which I processed in a blender ... and it didn't turn out as fine as this one, but still good. Now, however, I have slightly changed the recipe and the chopping machine.
That's how we get started!

  1. I heated a Teflon pan and put the sesame seeds in it, to fry them a little, stirring them continuously (better said, to heat them, because they are not allowed to brown at all, otherwise they become bitter-bitter) . This operation takes 1-2 minutes.
  2. I let them cool well, then I transferred them to the knife bowl of the vertical mixer, I put the lid on, I connected the engine block of the appliance and I started the toy & # 8221. My Susan sprayed in seconds.
  3. I added the oil, I mixed again & # 8230 and for. as it was already starting to move quite hard, I added a few tablespoons of water. Again..mixing. This time I got the much desired paste (in the picture you can see all the amount obtained to fit in a small jar of honey ... but for me it is more than enough).
  4. It is kept in the fridge until its use. I use this amount for about 2 recipes.

2. We prepare the sesame sauce: and this is done in 2 strokes and 3 movements (in fact, it takes me longer to tell how I did it than the actual preparation). We use the same vertical blender and its bowl: we put in the bowl half of the composition of sesame paste, lemon juice, a little salt, a few tablespoons of water (according to preference) and greens. We mix everything for a few seconds, until it becomes sauce & # 8230and ready!

3. We prepare the chicken: cut the chicken breast into suitable large cubes, put them in a clay pot and mix them with the sauce above. Put in the oven, over low heat, until the meat is soft.

4. We prepare vegetable pasta: nothing easier! Carrots and zucchini are washed well, cleaned with vegetable peeling mandolin, and then, with the help of the same tool, we clean the vegetables for a long time, obtaining the beautiful tagliatelle.
Let me tell you a secret: they are extremely tasty and so, raw, possibly marinated & # 8230 but knowing that my husband would not eat them this way, I cooked them a little, to fool him :)
I mean, I introduced them for. 1 minute in boiling salted water (but with the fire off) & # 8230 so that they are warm and have a touch of & # 8222cooking & # 8221 in them & # 8211 so I reconciled both the goat and the cabbage (and him, because they are not absolutely raw , but also me, that I managed to keep their nutrients as much as possible).
I drained them and ... ready!

5. Service: on 2 plates place the tagliatelle, as a base, over which we mount the chicken cubes with sauce and serve hot!

Liver liver

Slowly, slowly, we are approaching the Easter holidays, so if we are still at home, today we rehearsed the recipe for Drob from the liver. My dwarfs craved it today, along with radishes and green onions.

I know that at the base, the liver is made exclusively of lamb, especially organs, contained in that lamb purée.

Over time, the various dishes have undergone many changes, either from the desire to please everyone, or from the desire to adapt a dish to the ingredients we have. So we should not be upset when we find adaptations of various recipes.

I prepared this bird liver drob, being more to the children's liking. I added a lot of seasonal greens, I seasoned it and a goodness came out.

Slow cooking is an excellent way to cook, especially when you have other things to do. Place the ingredients in the bowl, turn it on and the slow cooker cooks for you. When you finish cooking, switch to the keep warm function.

This time, I set to work slow cooker Crock-Pot 4.5 L DuraCeramic Hinged Lid Sautéed. It is a very easy to handle device, quite capacious, whose inner vessel can be placed on hobs or can be transferred to the oven.

I put the ingredients in the bowl, turned it on and it cooked slowly. Nice and easy!

During this period, especially due to constraints and pressure, having someone to take care of the food is ideal!

More details can be found here:

Let's see how this drug came out of the liver!

Preparation time: 5 h Nr. Servings: 8 Complexity: medium


  • 600 gr poultry liver
  • 2 green onion bindings
  • 2 bunches of green garlic
  • green parsley
  • marar (optional)
  • leurda (optional)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 10 - 12 hen eggs
  • Salt
  • Peppercorns
  • 20 ml flavored oil
  • was dafin
  • 50 gr sour cream
  • 1 sticky wheat

Method of preparation:

Here's how to make this liver liver.

The poultry liver is washed, peeled, then drained.
The vegetables are cleaned and washed.
Boil the liver in salted water, a carrot and onion. Add the bay leaves and peppercorns.
After boiling, drain the water.

Boil 5-6 chicken eggs. If they are larger, only 5 can be used.
After boiling, leave to cool, then peel and cut into cubes.

Leurda, onion and green garlic are washed and chopped into small rounds.
Finely chop the dill and parsley.
The liver is cut into cubes.

In a bowl, mix 5 chicken eggs with a pinch of salt.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, pour a little flavored oil, then add the raw egg composition. Stir a little to incorporate.

Connect the Crock-Pot 4.5 L DuraCeramic Hinged Lid Sauté slow cooker to a power source.
In the bowl of the appliance, pour a drop of flavored oil, place the glue at the base of the bowl.
Pour the drob composition over the glue, pressing it well with a spatula. It levels nicely.
Separately, in a cup, mix the cream with an egg and a pinch of salt. The composition is lightly poured over the drob.
Close the appliance cover.
Bake on the high function for 4 hours.
After baking, you can transfer the dish to the oven for browning.

It is a very tasty and easy to prepare.
May it be useful to you!

Chicken and Apple Liver Pate

In a frying pan, sauté the onion with the coarse salt over low heat in the 30 g butter for 15-20 minutes, until it is soft, sweet and has a golden color. In a saucepan with olive oil on the large eye over low-medium heat, fry the liver until it caramelizes.

Add apples, oregano, dried thyme, sage to the pan and continue to harden for another 10 minutes. When the liver is ready, transfer it to the pan and then put the garlic. Leave for another 1-2 minutes, pour the sour cream, season with pepper, stir and then turn off the heat.

In another pan put the 80 g of butter and over very low heat bring to a very slow boil. Leave until a thin white foam forms on top. Extinguish the fire and with a spoon take this foam then throw it away.

Put the mixture from the pan with the liver and onion in a blender and beat in a very fine paste. Then transfer to a smaller bowl or bowl. Level and then pour the butter on top. Garnish with thyme leaves and peppercorns.

Allow to cool completely then cover and refrigerate 5-6 hours before serving.
I like pate very much but I have never found a company in the market that uses the right ingredients without other additives or flavor enhancers. This is a recipe with ingredients to my liking. I will definitely never buy this dish commercially again.

Personally, I like to serve it with homemade bread and caramelized onions in balsamic vinegar.

Greek style chicken soup, a great recipe JamilaCuisine

Greek style chicken soup, a delicious recipe, easy to prepare and super flavorful. With lots of vegetables, tender and straight chicken with sour cream and yolks is perfect for any lunch. Add a lot of fresh greens for a perfect taste!

Watch the video recipe step by step here:

JamilaCuisine опубликовал (-а) видео в плейлисте Sweet Recipes.

Grilled liver & # 8211 skewer recipe with chicken liver with onion and garlic

Grilled liver & # 8211 skewer recipe with chicken liver with onion and garlic. How to make skewers with chicken liver and vegetables? How are fried livers grilled? How to marinate liver with garlic? Chicken liver recipes. Skewer recipes. Grilled recipes.

My family is very fond of chicken livers and I always try to change the recipe according to which I prepare them. I have to tell you that these grilled livers are simply delicious! Tender pieces of chicken liver strung on skewer sticks and alternating with slices of onion and bell pepper. An excellent combination!

The most common recipes with chicken liver are: simple liver, sautéed in a pan, hardened with lots of onions, cooked in the oven, fried in beer dough or turned into extra fine liver pate. I will leave you at the end of the article all these wonderful recipes with chicken liver.

Recently I tried the recipe for skewers with chicken liver wrapped in bacon (also fried on the grill) and it turned out to be a real success! You can find the recipe here.

Chicken liver is tender, delicate and should not be overcooked / baked / fried because it becomes hard, crumbly and bitter. Let's not make fun of him! However, its internal temperature must reach the threshold of 70 C (the temperature at which salmonella is destroyed). So we don't hurt the livers and we don't ash them on the grill or in the pan. It is very easy to ruin a liver preparation by overcooking.

They need to stay soft and fragile & # 8211 see the section here.

Also, the liver is NOT salted before cooking but only at the end! The salt removes water from the tissues and strengthens them. For a pleasant taste, chicken livers can be quickly marinated with an oil flavored with pepper, garlic or herbs (without salt!). For an extra flavor, I used the pieces of green onions and colored bell peppers to assemble these skewers from the liver.

Another meat that is "sensitive" and very popular when going out on the green grass is chicken breast, which, in turn, can be "miserable" very easily. I also leave you the recipe for chicken breast skewers here.

The quantities below result in 2 good portions of grilled liver and 2 skewers.

Chicken liver

Boil the livers and pipettes in salted water. Drain them well, then pass them through the mincer, mix them with the finely chopped greens, eggs, spice, flour or bread soaked and drained well.

The obtained paste, well homogenized, spread it on a foil. In the middle, place the hard-boiled eggs, peeled, end to end, and roll in such a way that the eggs are in the middle.

Gather the foil. Take the ends and put it in a pan greased with oil. Let the dough cook for 35 minutes.

You serve it sliced, on a bed of lettuce with a garnish of natural potatoes.